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About the project

Strassbergers is South Africa's oldest handmade adventure shoe factory. They had a creepy website. My job was to improve the look and feel of their site while increasing sales. After redesigning the website, I managed to increase their sale by more than 67%.


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Work done

Website Design & Development

Project timeline

1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week 5th Week


Stackholder interview, Competitor analysis, Observation.


Design strategy, Challenges, Goal, Customer journey map.

User Experience

User persona, Card sorting, Information architecture, Wireframing.

UI Design

Mood board, Inspiration, Low fidelity, High fidelity, Prototyping.


Responsiveness, Browser Compatibility Testing.

Launch and Tests

Pre-launch testing, Final launch.

Wireframe/High Fidelity

Strassbergers website wirefarme part 1 Strassbergers website wirefarme part 2 Strassbergers website wirefarme part 3 Strassbergers website wirefarme part 4


Roboto Slab font
Roboto Slab font letters
Montserrat font
Montserrat font letters



Home page/Desktop

Strassbergers home page part 1 Strassbergers home page part 2
Strassbergers home page part 3 Strassbergers home page part 4
Advance eCommerce functionality

Advance eCommerce functionality

The wishlist option allows users to choose their favorite products and save them for future buy-in. It also allows them to share their list with friends and family members and get recommendations from them. The mini cart option enables the users to view their cart details from anywhere on the website without leaving the current viewing page. The color icons below each product allow users to see the available colors without visiting the product page.

Mobile optimized

The website is well optimized for mobile users. All the pages are rearranged, so the users get the best experience while visiting the site with mobile devices. All the important action buttons are placed within the user's thumb zone. So that they can easily access them. The main menu is divided into two, one at the top and one at the bottom. The eCommerce functionalities menu is stuck at the bottom to make them more accessible.

Mobile Optimized
Advance store location

Store locations

As the company has multiple stores in multiple locations, it was important to provide the user store addresses in a user-friendly manner. I customized the Google map with multiple map markers. The markers are clickable, the users can click any marker to view location details. I also added an area search and filter option, so that the user can easily find stores in their selected area.

Product & Cart Pages/Desktop

Strassbergers product page part 1 Strassbergers product page part 2
Strassbergers single product page part 3 Strassbergers cart page

Mobile version

Strassbergers website mobile version part 1
Strassbergers website mobile version part 2
Strassbergers website mobile version part 3
Strassbergers website mobile version part 4
Strassbergers website mobile version part 5
Strassbergers website mobile version part 6
Strassbergers website mobile version part 7
Strassbergers website mobile version part 8

Other pages

Strassbergers other pages
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Brightside Behavioral Health provides high-quality behavioral health services. They wanted to redesign their old website to improve the website performance. I cut the old website's complexity by creating clear destinations for critical user experience. With the new SEO-friendly and well-structured website, the conversion rate significantly increases.

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Brightside Behavioral Health website laptop view

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