Hi, Impact

My name is Adnan Kabir from Bangladesh. Right now, I’m a full-time freelance web designer who specializes in creating dynamic and beautiful websites. I have been in the field for nearly 4.5 years, and have been loving every minute of it. I am a Entrepreneur, Designer, Developer, Debater and Motivator. Check out some of the links below to see what I’ve been up to lately.


I graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Comilla University,Chittagong, Bangladesh. Currently I’m doing my M.Sc on the same subject from the same university.

Working Experience

When I admitted into my university at 2012, I saw some of my senior who are really expert in web design and that’s the starting of my love story with web designing. After completing my 2nd year in Computer Science & Engineering at my University, I have joined into a 4 month internship program on a software farm as a junior web designer. After completing the internship successfully, I joined a reputed local software farm called “SoftStar”. The farm that I worked for wasn’t so much big but I had a great experience while I worked for the farm. I have learned how to handle a project professionally from the very beginning to the end. I worked at the same software farm for 3.5 years with a great joy and finally moving on in June 2017, so that I could pursue my goal of running my own software farm and being an entrepreneur.

Living The Dream

My love of web design is so strong that I do this for more than just a 9-5 job. It is also why I freelanced as a web designer in my spare time. As I have a good organizational experience and I have a good number of resource around me who are also interested in such kind work, I have decided myself to use my working experience on “DataSoft” and my organization skill to build my own software farm. Now I’m collecting people and waiting for a good opportunity to make my dream comes to true.


Although lack of time is always an issue, I am constantly reading up on the latest web design and development techniques. One of the reasons that I love web design so much is that it is an ever-evolving medium. That’s the reason I have decided to attach a blog on this portfolio site so that I can write from my experience and also make a good collection of those latest design issues and techniques. Also I strongly believe that this will help those people who are following me and interested in web designing & developing. I wish, one day it would be a great platform for young Web Designer.


When I’m not thinking about (or actually doing) design, I love Debating, spending time with friends, going to concerts, exhibitions and traveling somewhere new. As a debater, I like to communicate with people of different age and love to motivate them who depressed or frustrated.


I have own 3 major national debate competition trophy and a lot of others.

  • Runner-up at Bangladesh Shishu Academy Debate Competition 2005
  • Regional Champion at National Information Technology Debate Festival 2015-16
  • Runner up At Inter Department Debate Competition 2016
  • Runner up At Inter Hall Debate Competition 2016
  • Awarded as the best Web Designer in a 3 month long workshop project named LICT project organized by ICT division, Bangladesh.
  • Selected as best intern in web development section at “DataSoft”(2018)

Organizing Skills

  • President at Comilla University Debating Society (EC:2017-18)
  • Secretary at ( Chittagong Region ) at Bangladesh Debate Federation(BDF) (EC:2017-2019)
  • Secretary at Comilla University Debating Society (EC:2016-17)
  • Debate Trainer at Comilla University Debating Society (2015-2017)
  • Coordinator ( Comilla Region ) at National Information Technology Debate Festival

The End